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  • 919 S Soto St Ste 2, LOS ANGELES, CA 90023-1303

Cigar Online Pub is a cigar pub located at 919 S Soto St Ste 2, LOS ANGELES, CA 90023-1303. The shop was established on July 20, 2013. We specialized in top brands cigars and electronic cigarettes. Within years of our presence online, most of our customers have been enjoying our services from their favorite set of cigars to e-cigarette kits, flavors, and electronic cigars. We have a vast selections of latest products to choose. Most common brands we introduced to our top customers are Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, VaporFi, Njoy for e-cigarettes while we offer Coronas, Sanchos, Belicosos, Choix supreme, Petit Coronas for our cigars.

Cigaronlinepub.com don't focus only on these services but we also want to help people find their needs. We are helping customers who wants to shift from regular traditional cigar and cigarette to e-cigarette. Our customer service agent can guide you through the process of changing your habit from a regular cigarette smoker to non-smoking habit through e-cigarette. What’s the effect of switching from your regular cigarettes to e-cig? Regular cigarette have many health disadvantages compare to ecig. Although there’s still much experiment for the longer effect of e cigars,

Cigar Pub Online foresee the lesser bad effect of it. Ecigs can be very useful to reduce the use of regular cigarettes dramatically. Cigar Online Pub provides a number of customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee from our services, customer service support and high quality products that we serve. We are open 24 hours daily for your cigar, e-cigs and e-cigs accessories needs. You can visit our store or see us at cigaronlinepub.com for more details.